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Katakana Only Sounds

As Katakana is used to represent the sounds of foreign words, there are several extra sounds only for Katakana. Here is the table.  You can download ALL Hiragana and Katakana charts! Audio イェ ウィ ウェ ウォ クァ クィ クェ クォ グァ グィ グェ グォ キェ シェ ジェ スィ ズィ チェ ツァ ツィ ツェ ツォ ティ …

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Some More Katakana Letters

In this lesson, we will learn Katakana long vowels and small “ッ”. Long vowels Long vowels is called “chōon”. Katakana long vowels are very easy. You just add “ー”! For example, アイスクリーム (ice cream) エスカレーター (escalator) カード (card) See? Very easy! Small “ッ” Small “ッ” is called “hatsuon”, which means a pause, same as Hiragana small “っ”. Here …

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More+ Katakana Letters

Katakana yōon is same as Hiragana yōon. Yōon is that one i-sound Hiragana letter and one small や, ゆ or よletter join together and represent one sound. Here is the table.  You can download the booklet Hiragana Katakana Charts. Please listen to the audio and repeat afterwards. “キャ、キュ、キョ”   “シャ、シュ、ショ”   “チャ、チュ、チョ”   “ヒャ、ヒュ、ヒョ”   …

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